What details should be paid special attention to in the design process of heart shaped boxes for chocolate packing?

Do you need to pay attention to any details in the design of a heart shaped boxes for chocolate packing? Are there common things in the process of subsequent printing? What should be paid special attention to? This is another question that designers need to ask all the time, and for Shenzhen printing companies, they must also be clear about the details of how to deal with them.

In the early stage, the main focus was on material issues. The heart shaped boxes for chocolate packing mainly paid attention to the paper thickness during the design process! Because of the different materials, the closing problem will be considered during the later die-cutting and box bonding. If it is a card color box that does not consider this issue, there will be a phenomenon that does not match the design.

There are few heart shaped boxes for chocolate packing (corrugated paper or double-layer paper), laminating, UV, die cutting, filming, bronzing (silver) paste box, etc., and there is also the processing of source files in the printing process. The details of the problem, the RGB image is not converted to CMYK consequences: most software (FreeHand, Pagemaker, etc.) will not separate the RGB image, if the RGB image is misused, the color separation film will only have the image on the black plate, Part of the image of other color plates is empty, or there are equivalent grayscale images on the four color plates.