Precautions for  the use of glass candle jars | electroplated glass candle jar

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electroplated glass candle jar

Glass candle jars have been strictly tested and inspected before they leave the factory. Even so, when using it, you still need to pay attention to:

☞Please remove the packaging materials carefully to avoid leaving fingerprints or scratches on the jar.

☞Usually, the glass cup has been sprayed with water-based environmentally friendly paint. Do not scratch the jar with sharp objects, so as not to cause the coating to fall off and affect the decorative effect.

☞When making candles, please preheat the jar in advance, and then pour the melted wax liquid. It is best to control the temperature of the molten wax liquid between 50-68 degrees to ensure safety and obtain the best results.

☞When pouring the molten wax into the glass candle jar, it is recommended that you wear gloves and use professional waxing container tools to prevent the molten wax from dripping onto the candle jar to maintain a perfect appearance. When the melted wax is not completely cooled and solidified, do not move it and touch it with your hands.

☞When fixing the wick, please use the Winby wick centering device to ensure that the wick is placed in the middle of the glass jar, so as to avoid uneven heating of the jar and even break when the candle is burning.

☞When burning, please put the finished scented glass candle on a stable heat-resistant table.

☞Burning candles should be placed on fire-proof containers and kept out of the reach of children. A burning candle container becomes hot, so it needs to be extinguished and cooled before moving. To avoid fire, please use it where there are people. Please avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothes, and keep it out of the reach of pets and children.
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