Are aromatherapy candles really easy to use?

The garden is hard to buy, but the fragrance is not hard to buy. Today I bring you a "list of home aromatherapy candles". There are many kinds of fragrance. Why do some people love fragrance candles? Like me, hahaha! Is it more romantic, more comfortable, or more? There's more than one reason, but there must be one that moves you.
After the candle is lit, there is a temperature. The fragrance is accompanied by light and heat, warming up, and the fragrance can no longer be smelled. You can also feel it, like a fine, soft and long hug all over the air. Back home after running around, you can finally enjoy this comfort and relax with a hot bath. The flickering candlelight and fragrance relax the spirit and bring a soft light to everything experienced today, good or bad.
I like fragrance, but not all the time. When I want to read a book, watch a movie and have a drink with TA. Ignite it and let the fragrance accompany you. When you are satisfied and want everything to go as usual, extinguish it and see you next time. Generally speaking, there will be a sense of mystery that has been cured,